Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The reflections upon 1 Samuel 17 were intended to draw our attention to the fact that, as God calls us to work together with Him to bring His kingdom to earth as it is in heaven, we must recognize, engage and defeat ideological giants that capture our culture and, often, paralyze the church in fear. I hoped to encourage the reader that, though we have not always responded as constructively as we should, the possibility of engaging and defeating the giants in the land is very real. As our account in 1 Samuel 17 reveals, such victories can be accomplished by unlikely heroes who actively engage in such battles, trusting in and receiving power from the Living God.

We live in an age in which many people are simply, and at times desperately, seeking affirmation. Ours is an age in which the tendency for the church is to focus only on positive things. In the process, we often pretend such “giants” do not exist and ignore the responsibility of engaging them, comforting ourselves with the poorly developed assumption that “God has everything under control”. Emphasizing positive things is good if we do not ignore the reality of the negative things that must be addressed. In other words, David faced Goliath as he came to terms with the negative realities associated with the prevailing condition he encountered. The positive message in this account is that victory is available when we proceed in faith, empowered by God, to address the negative realities that are destroying lives and paralyzing the church. Seeking only a positive affirmation while ignoring the existing challenges and responsibilities before us will produce nothing but a happily unproductive religious people. Such an opponent the “giants” will tolerate.

With this in mind, I plan to write short entries in this blog, entitled “Giants in the Land”, that look at the nature of the “giants” were currently face in our culture. I will begin by considering challenges we face from the postmodern mind. In closing, I will state that a tendency I’ve observed in the postmodern mind as it has invaded the ranks of Christianty is to pretend there is no differences between the armies involved in the battle. We will find no victory in this approach.

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