Friday, July 31, 2009

A Razorblade in the Apple of Healthcare Reform

It is my humble opinion that we need to exercise significant discernment regarding the forceful thrust for healthcare reform that is consuming the current agenda of the President of the United States. I am concerned that the reason President Obama’s healthcare reform is such a crucial issue for him is that it is an initial step toward a socialist republic. It is not actually an issue of caring for people or correcting the healthcare system but the shift of governmental philosophy that is at the core of this matter. Correcting the current health care system would actually involve addressing the corruption that exists between the medical industry, pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies. Of course, this would not be a popular move within the ruling powers of this particular drama. Most discussion of this issue is simply focused on the external topic of providing healthcare but is failing to consider the more fundamental reality that we are moving away from a governmental philosophy that has, when honored and properly approached, produced the greatest nation and most liberty known to man; a trend that has been in motion for quite a while but is drastically accelerated in this current administration. People are quick to latch onto what appears to be a convenient solution to their healthcare woes without being willing to recognize the more widespread results of decreasing liberty and producing people who are less responsible (deserving less liberty) and a centralized “power” that is more costly, less efficient and more oppressive then we’ve ever seen before as a nation – and all of this under the guise of “care”. It is unfortunate that people are so easily misled but I believe it is safe to say that there is definitely a razorblade hidden in this apple. This might bring new meaning to “an apple-a-day keeps the doctor away”.

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weston said...

agreed. except i may be a little more charitable than you in trying to discern motives. i don't doubt for a minute that Mr Obama has anything but very nice, very good motives.

i think the real problem stems from the very human tendency to seize whatever power we can and then attempt to use that power (force/coercion/violence) to achieve our good intentions. the problem isn't with the intentions, it's with the means.

people are so drawn to power because it always seems like the easier way to accomplish things. far easier to force than persuade.

Tolkien provided a very apt analogy in his trilogy. the best characters in the story were most drawn to the power of the ring, because they foresaw all the good they could accomplish with it. but in the end, coercive means corrupt not only the results, but more importantly, the person wielding them.