Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Further Ambassador Training International Information

We proceed from the basis that truth must first result in a change of Heart, then a renewed Mind and then a transformed Life. Consequently, those who have had a changed life should prepare to be used of God to change lives and reach the World. ATI is involved in three categories of ministry. We are involved in impacting those who have been producing bad fruit by engaging in pre-release ministry at Lancaster County Prison and post-release ministry with Transition to Community. We are pursuing opportunities to impact those who have been associated with the church and yet have been “fruitless”, showing little or no sign of growth & maturity by offering Renewal Ministry & Discipleship within the local church. We are also engaged in Mobile Missions and are contributing to the training experience of those preparing to do fruitful ministry. We are largely pursuing this area of ministry in conjunction with Youth with a Mission.

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