Sunday, March 20, 2005



True And False Repentance (Charles G. Finney)

True And False Conversion (Charles G. Finney)

True Submission (Charles G. Finney)

Selfishness Not True Religion (Charles G. Finney)

Way Of Salvation (Charles G. Finney)

Repentance: Its Nature, Grounds, Necessity, And Infinite Importance. 1851 (Charles G. Finney)

How To Change Your Heart (Charles G. Finney)

The Atonement

The Atonement in Christ (John Miley)

The Governmental Theory of the Atonement (John Miley)

On the Atonement (Charles G. Finney)

Open Theism (Information Site hosted by John Sanders)


The Church Must First Repent (J. Edwin Orr)

A Destructive Ministry Also is Necessary (J. Edwin Orr)

Preparing the Ground for Revival (J. Edwin Orr)

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